Post Free AdsForum for sharing values that unite all people in the world. It is where we experience how to be human in the strict sense. Hopefully you will come to appreciate the fact that you are the player who is critical in this project. So feel at home. Be part of the species that cares for its own in a responsible way. Share your ideas about how best people could live together. Be polite but principled. Obviously this is not a place to fight or to exchange such fireworks. It is a place to share love and not insults. We are tired of a world that fights against itself. We believe that you are capable of challenging others to bring the best out of themselves. Our world is short of those who will pass it on in its excellent form to future generations. This is not because such ideas are lacking but they simply are not given the latitude they deserve. The ONEHUMANITYPROJECT is there for you to make a difference. It is the right thing to doThomas Mhuriro | Create your badge
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